The precious yarns used by the brand are among the finest on the market; Incomparable materials for fluidity and softness, processed with innovative techniques to create contemporary garments produced with the excellent expertise of our Italian laboratories.
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Know How

For this reason, the brand collaborates exclusively with selected Italian workshops, where the art of 'savoir faire' is handed down. A sartorial approach that, in addition to taking care of construction details and fit, dedicates special attention to every detail and results in knitwear that are truly unique.

In order to create garments that are perfect in every detail and destined to last over time, Chicca Lualdi follows each stage of the production process with care, visiting the workshops in person every day for a continuous exchange with the workers. From the first step, that of choosing the raw material, to fulling the sheets and supervising the internal finishing of the garments: everything must be done with care, time and dedication.

And so it can happen that you want a model and have to wait for it for a while, rediscovering the magic of 'slow fashion' tailoring. A wait that has the meaning of excellence of work, and that makes the relationship with one's garment even more personal, created to be worn over time, rediscovering the same emotion year after year.