Care Guide

It’s likely that a garment made of cashmere manifests a tendency to form balls of fuzz. This phenomenon is known as Pilling and happens when the shorter fibers are rubbed and escape from the thread.
The pilling could be avoided during the manufacturing process but both solutions would result in a noticeable loss of smoothness and softness. Since it is preferable to have a garment that expresses all the beauty and the softness of the yarn, the appearance of pilling should not be interpreted as an indication of low quality of the materials used, and it can be removed easily with proper maintenance:

  • First of all it is not recommended to wear a cashmere piece two days in a row, but let it rest at least one day, airing it for a few hours on a flat surface, preferably outdoor.
  • Then, whenever the pilling appears, gently remove it by hand or with suitable tools
  • Wash the piece, by hand or with the specific program of the washing machine, at a temperature not exceeding 30°C
  • Use specific detergents for wool in small quantities
  • Rinse well, spin and carefully spread the garment flat to dry, far from source of heat
  • After the first few washes following these steps, the pilling will stop in a natural way and the original softness of the thread will be maintained over time.